Hard Chrome Plating

About Our Hard Chrome Plating Service

Our plating facility is fully operational 7 days a week. Thanks to our in-house hard-chrome plating bath, parts 20 inches in diameter and up to 22 feet long can quickly be plated to the required thickness.

Some parts require precise rectification after the plating process, such as bearing journals and other parts needing accurate mechanical fit. Consequently, we have equipped our shop with a cylindrical grinder, capable of machining of 12 inches in diameter and 96 inches in length.

And to give those chromed shafts that Hydrauli-Chrome shine, we have two especially designed polishing machines. With those, our people can polish anything that comes out of our chrome bath, with a maximum length of 40 feet!

NOTE: Unfortunately, Hydrauli-Chrome Inc. does not yet offer “Show Chrome” services. Our services are normally limited to hard chrome plating rods or pins. Please inquire for additional details.